Monday, September 10, 2012

Messages to Zach...

Today, Sept. 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day
I want to share something I haven't shared publicly before.
I'm crying as I look at them again.

These photo boards were placed at Zach's funerals, we called them
"Messages to Zach"
I wanted people who felt as though they didn't get to say good-bye to have an opportunity to share their feelings.
Between his funeral in Minnesota and his funeral in California
over 500 people mourned his death.
My point in writing this and sharing these photo boards with you is to prove to you that YOU TOO are loved!
YOU have an inpact on so many more lives than you could imagine.
The little girl you think will forget...she remembers and asks why you're in Heaven.
The teenage boy who can't even figure out who "he is" right now certainly can't understand your decision to end your life.
Your mother will cry for you every single day.
The pain left behind from suicide is nearly unbearable, yet it happens in the United States nearly 100 times a day!
Please be the voice that could change someone's life.
Be that person who's not afraid of making someone mad by telling someone about their suicidal thoughts
and/or past actions.
 PLEASE reach out for help or be the help someone else needs.
Call 911 or the National Lifelife: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Love, Melissa, Zach's Mom

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  1. Dear Mellisa,
    My name is Eden and I just saw your blog by accident. I don't know if this is going to be read by you but I wanted to say that I feel for your loss. What a beautiful son, what a loss, I am so sorry you lost him!
    Please allow me to share something that I know that helped me.
    The life that we live is temporary and we are much more than we know. Your beautiful son now is asleep. My source of information about this is the Bible.
    You don't have to apologize for grieving.
    Let me tell you a story that happened in Malawi. A couple I know moved from the US to Malawi. They lived in a remote area and made many good friends there.
    One day the husband died form an accident and his wife was left there and she was worried. Her friends in the village never left her side form the moment the accident happened. The next morning, she opened her door to find hundreds of people squatting outside her door. And all the eyes were on her and they were all visible mourning and crying. She asked who these people were and her friends told her that these people are form other villages and heard of your loss.
    I am from Africa too and when we lose a relation we visible grief. It is very important to cry when you feel like it wherever you are. If people take offense it is not your problem because you are being natural.
    I also want to share the most important information with you. It is found in the Bible. Many don't read the Bible nowadays but it is full of unmatched wisdom about our existence.
    In John 11:11-16 Jesus's beloved friend had died but notice that instead of 'died' Jesus said 'fallen asleep'!. In the same chapter verse 35 it says: 'Jesus gave way to tears'. So you see Mellisa, it's ok to cry but some cultures we have are not healthy. Then the same chapte talks how Jesus actually resurrected Lazarus!!!!!!
    This is about hope of the future. All our beloved departed will be resurrected and we will actually see them!!!!
    Dear Melissa, see me as one of the people in Malawi sitting outside your door sharing your grief.
    It's very early here in California and I must tell you Iwas touched by your gri f but I already feel better now for sharing my hope with you.
    Dear Melissa we don't know each other but I am sure hundred of people share your grief with you. Beautiful Zachary is sleeping but you are alive and you need all the consolations you need. You are loved you are loved you are loved
    Dear Melisa, if you ever want to correspond, I am here.
    By the way, that lady in Malawi, is still in that village! The human person is valuable, very valuable.
    You cyber neighbor Eden.